Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What is the Technology works behind the tilt function in Android Apps/ Games

How Does it Exactly Works?
A great Android experience starts with a great App or game. And the Crazy and Exciting features implemented in all those Android apps provide a great experience to all the users. And the features like tilt screen, blow up etc and other motion gestures are making the user more exciting to stick with a particular game for long time. Let me tell what is this tilt function exactly and how it works.

How these motion gestures exactly works?
Generally Accelerometer works behind every smart phone to make the user experience more wild and juiced up. Then what this Accelerometer exactly is?  accelerometer is a device that detects its own acceleration and is used in mobile phones to determine the phone's orientation. Once the orientation is determined, the phone's software can react accordingly, such as by changing its display from portrait to landscape. Accelerometers are designed to detect changes in force resulting from fall, tilt, motion, positioning, shock and vibration. 
An accelerometer is able to detect acceleration through a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS), which changes electrical properties such as voltage. These changes are translated into signals, which are sent to the appropriate software for processing.

There are different types of accelerometers used in phoneses:
Piezoelectric Accelerometer: This device relies on the natural structures of piezoelectric crystals, which react to forces exerted on the phone by generating an electrical charge, which subsequently creates a voltage.
Micro-electromechanical System (MEMS): These are tiny mechanical structures that change when forces are applied to them, subsequently changing an electrical property.
Capacitive Accelerometer: This device is a kind of MEMS. A net force applied to the mechanical system results in a change in the system’s capacitance.
A typical mobile device has an accelerometer that can detect acceleration on two or three axes, allowing it to sense motion and orientation. A three-dimensional accelerometer can calculate pitch and roll and can be used in flight or driving simulation applications.

Accelerometers consume a lot of energy, so they should be turned off when they are not being used to avoid draining a device's battery.
(Turbofly Game: Fully works on Motion Sensor a Best Example)

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