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What is the Technology works behind skype

How does skype technology Works?
In this Technically Advanced World so many technologies being implemented each and every day to make the life and style more simplified. Few years ago, most peoples still had to rely on obscenely expensive mobile and Public Switched Telephone networks to carry their voice over short and long distances. But Today almost everyone seems to be using one way or another VoIP. And today Skype like many other VoIP clients has changed the way we think about communication and keeping in touch with loved ones over long distances. So here VoIP is the technology how exactly Skype works. 
      The technology used behind Skype is Voice over Internet Protocol. This system allows the call to be carried over an Internet connection rather than a phone line. Unlike a phone service, the Internet doesn't cost more to transfer data around the world.  

What is VOIP and how it works?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a methodology and a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over internet protocol (IP) networks, such as Internet. Other terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, Broadband telephony, IP Communications and Broadband phone service. VOIP simply converts the sound of your voice(and the picture with video calls) into computer data. It reduces the quality of the audio to reduce the data demands. This works in the same way as music file formats such as mp3(where the audio is reduced in quality but not to the point that most callers will notice).

      VoIP owes its versatility to another fantastic technology, the Internet. Instead of sending signals via a PSTN network, be it analog or digital, a VoIP application usually uses SIP (a variation of the standard TCP/IP protocols) to create data packets, and sends them on the same network you use for email and web surfing.
By using data packets, the technology can be used to carry more than the standard mono voice your old telephone does; VoIP can carry text, images, live video and high quality stereo sound as well as ‘screen sharing’, depending on the speed and reliability of your internet connection.
      Skype doesn't use direct connections. When two people speak on Skype, the data doesn't run straight from one caller's device to the other. In fact, it doesn't simply run from one caller to Skype and then from Skype to the receiver of the call. All computers logged in to Skype are connected in a peer-to-peer network, which runs in the same way as those used for both legal and illegal file sharing. Whenever you make a call, the data is routed through a combination of Skype users' computers to find the most efficient path. As a result, Skype itself drastically reduces the amount of data flowing into and out of its own equipment, cutting its costs.

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