Thursday, 21 November 2013

GIT Tips/ Interview Questions & Answers

Here are some basic Git Commands. Hope this will help you.

01) How do you start Git and what is the process called?
A) $ git init
The process is called initializing a git repository
02) How do you determine the current state of the project?
A) $ git status
03) How Can I Move all your changes since your last commit to the staging area.
A) $ git add .
04) How to Store the saved changes in the repository and add a message "first commit".
A) $ git commit -m "first commit"
05) Show a list of all the commits that have been made.
A) $ git log or $ git g
06) How do you put your local repository (repo) on the GitHub server?
A) a. create a new repository in github
b. get the SSH key (SSH stands for secure shell)
c. $ git remote add origin [SSH key - something like…]
d. $ git push -u origin master
07) How to take a git project from GitHub to your local machine to work on it.
A) $ git pull origin master
Or, if you are taking a project that is not already on your local machine, use $ git clone.
08) What is the purpose of working off multiple branches.
A) You can create a separate branch when you are developing a feature, etc. and can commit to this branch separately.  When the feature branch is working properly, you can merge it with the master branch.
09) Write the command to create a branch called working
A) $ git checkout -b working
10) How to list all of the branches.
A) $ git branch
11)How to switch to the working branch
A) $ git checkout working
12) How to merge the changes that were made in the working branch with the master branch.
A) $ git checkout master
$ git merge working
13) How to delete the working branch
A) $ git branch -d working
14) What is the command to Put everything up on the remote repository.
A) $ git push
15) Pull a branch from a remote repository and create the branch locally.
A) git checkout -b fix_stuff origin/fix_stuff
16) How to Make a directory called git_test?
A) $ mkdir git_test
17) How can I Change to git_test directory ?
A) $ cd git_test
18) How to make sure that you are in the right directory?
A) $ pwd
19) How Can I Initialize and empty git repository?
A) $ git init
20) How to Create a text file called form.txt
A) $ touch form.txt
21)Open readme.txt file with your text editor and add two lines of text:
This is the first line of text
This is the second line of text
Check the git status
A) $ git status
Notice that you are on the master branch and that changes have not been committed yet
22) How to Add the files to be committed?
A) $ git add new.txt
23) What is the command to Make your first commit?
A) $ git commit -m “first commit”
24) How to Add the changes and make a second commit?
A) $ git add .
$ git commit -m “Second commit”
25) How Can I Create a new branch called temp?
A) $ git checkout -b temp
26) How Can I check my Branch Status?
A) $ git branch or $ git b
27) Run a command to show the commits that have been made to the temp branch.
A) $ git log
28) How Can I Switch to the other branch?
A) $ git checkout other branch.
29) Add a line to the some.txt file and then throw out all changes since the last commit.
A) $ git reset --hard
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