Thursday, 1 August 2013

Installation of Seagull Framework

Hey Friends Have you ever heared about this Framework?
Seagull is a mature OOP framework for building web, command line and GUI applications. Licensed under BSD, the project allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources, and build complex applications quickly. If you are really interested to do something new then here is the seagull installation procedure. Check it out. 
Requirements for Seagull
PHP: PHP 4.3.0 is the minimum, later versions works fine. like PHP 5.1.1 and above. Avoid anything in the 5.0.x series.
MySQl: MySQL 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 5.0.x are all supported. can also be used 3.23.x.
Apache: Seagull works fine with 1.3.x and 2.x series of Apache.

Download Seagull

Installation of Seagull

During the time of installation I have faced so many problems in PHP version.
To make it to support properly there need to do some changes in a file.  

'TYPE' is depreciated. So need to change that by replacing it with 'ENGINE'.
In the downloaded folder we can find a file named inside 
modules/user/data folder. 
After making the above mentioned changes you will be able to see the admin page with a 
successfully installation message.

I have taken help of Demian Turner who is the creater of this framework by joinning him on his
google groups network.
Join this group. And start working with Seagull.. Happy Coding  :) 




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